Bench (Oak) (length - 2,25m; width - 0,59-0,67m; height - 0,55m;  thickness - 0,054m) 


Wood Slabs


If you wish to order a special item and do not find it in our gallery, feel free to contact us.

Office table top (Oak) (length - 2,83m; width - 0,68-0,84m; thickness - 0,05m)


HeadBoard (Oak) (length - 2,79m; width - 0,6-0,7m; thickness - 0,054m)   

Office table top (Oak) (length - 2,84m; width - 0,78-0,88m; thickness - 0,054m) processed manually using the planer 


Dining table top (Oak) (length - 2,73m; width - 0,87-0,90m; thickness - 0,054m) processed manually using the scrubbing brush, walnut oil pigment 


TV chest of Drawers top, Oak  (length - 2,85m; width - 0,59-0,76m; thickness - 0,052m) Walnut pigment, varnish. 


COFFEE TABLE (Oak) (length - 1,62m; width - 0,49-0,52m; height - 0,48m; thickness - 0,054m) BOG OAK about 400y.o. 


BENCH (L-147cmW-47cmH-46cm; thickness - 5cm)  

LEGS - raw metal with gold patina; Baltic BOG Oak about 400 y.o.; 
No artificial colour, only Beeswax Wood Polish 

Bench (Oak more than 200 y.o.) (length - 1,84m; width - 0,64-0,80m; height - 0,45m; thickness - 0,054m) Hand scraping, gold patina,  lacquered. 


The Roots of Bog Oak about 800 y.o. 

(length - 0,45m; width - 0,25m; height- 0,55m) Original colour. 


The Roots of Bog Oak about 800 y.o. with 1900 French clock movement (length - 0,4m; width - 0,2m; height- 0,6m) Original colour

COFFEE TABLE about 220 y.o. with bronze dust (length - 1,4m; width - 0,75m; height- 0,45m) Made from one slab of oak



BIG COFFEE TABLE (Oak) (length - 2,2m; width - 0,6 - 0,8m; height - 0,47m; thickness - 0,062m) age of OAK about 220y.o. 20mm glass leg.                      With BOG OAK butterflies, age more than 1000 y.o.

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